Hiring Cleaning Services: A Guide for Savvy Consumers

When Is Carpet Dyeing a Better Alternative to Carpet Replacement?

Good-quality carpets and area rugs cost a fortune, and they require proper maintenance to keep them looking new and beautiful. As a homeowner, your carpet maintenance schedule should include regular vacuuming, deep cleaning and spot cleaning. However, over time, you may feel the need to replace this flooring and invest in a new one. The question you should ask is whether buying a new carpet a sound investment at the moment. Read More 

Windows of Opportunity: 4 Ways Your Windows Influence the Decision of Home Buyers

When preparing your home for sale, knowledge is your most powerful ally. By being aware of the current trends in the property market and understanding the needs of homebuyers, you stand a better chance of selling your home. For instance, in 2018, one of the features that Australian homebuyers seek is a double garage. But don't make the mistake of overlooking the importance of your home's windows. As one of the dominating features of a home, windows play a significant role in enticing potential homebuyers. Read More 

Your Post-Construction Cleaning Questions Answered

If you're new to managing post-construction cleaning, you might be struggling to come to grips with exactly what's involved. The basic aim of post-construction cleaning is to turn a building site into a clean, tidy, functional building that's ready to be handed over to the client. There shouldn't be any sign that building work has taken place - no debris, dust, or dirt. There are different types of post-construction cleaning, and the costs vary from project to project. Read More 

Simple Solutions to Remove Stubborn Cement Stains from Kitchen Tile Floors

Have you ever been forced to clean up after workers because they renovated your kitchen and left without doing a proper cleanup? Workers may be frustrating when they leave a huge mess that requires you to clean before you can use your kitchen. Cement stains can be visually unappealing particularly when you have just completed laying a new tile floor. You may opt to call professional cleaners that offer builders clean-ups, but you can implement some simple cleaning solutions that may leave your tile floor sparkling, and save you money in the process. Read More 

The Best Ways to Clean Your Mattress

While it is routine knowledge that you should wash and replace the sheets on your bed on a regular basis, cleaning the mattress itself is another story. Few people think about the amount of sweat, stains, or bacteria that could be on the mattress, even if you can't see them with your naked eye. Although it still might be under a few layers of sheets, cleaning your mattress semi-regularly should become part of your routine. Read More